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Founded on Service & Value

We are in the Customer Service Business. Plumbing is simply our niche.

AAA AUGER Plumbing Services ® began in the 1950’s when a young man went to work for a gentleman selling “state-of-the-art” garbage disposals door to door. This young man quickly learned, upon his boss’s habitual tendency to short his pay, that he was better off on his own. Armed with a handful of garbage disposals, Earl Poe went into business for himself.

Earl was a very quick learner and very pragmatic. It didn’t hurt that he was very good with his hands. Now, with his renewed vision of success, Earl was on his way.

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It didn’t take long for Earl to encounter some roadblocks. After all, his experience was limited to only a couple of weeks. Selling the disposal wasn’t the problem……Installing the disposal was easy. However, there he was, encountering a clogged kitchen sink drain and clueless as how to address it.

Earl politely and confidently excused himself so that he could procure the equipment necessary to address the clogged drain. He proceeded to the plumbing supply store and after receiving some pointers in drain cleaning, rented a kitchen sink drain machine and was on his way.

Earl returned to his customer and methodically solved the problem. As Earl was using the equipment, he was putting together in his mind the very business model that we still use today.

He reasoned that most of his customers would benefit from a drain cleaning service. By removing years of coagulated grease, mineral deposit and soap binders, he would be be able to restore optimal drainage capacities. The end result, tasks beyond the initial service request would be offered with substantial discounts to deliver exceptional value.

With service and value in mind, Earl quickly earned himself a long list of loyal customers. By 1962, Earl could no longer individually keep up with his customer’s demand, therefore, he opened his first plumbing shop and began seeking help.

Today, AAA AUGER Plumbing Services ® operates in three metropolitan areas encompassing over 120 municipalities. We service over 50,000 customers annually and employ approximately 100 personnel. We offer career development, health, vision and dental benefits, paid time off, and 401K retirement services to our employees.

Quality Products and Partners
At AAA AUGER, we are focused on providing our customers with only the best products that are guaranteed to last. Click the link below to see a complete list of our trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Meet Our Expert Staff

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Outstanding Employees
Top-Notch Service

Customer satisfaction is truly our #1 priority.
We value our employees just as much as we value our customers. Many of our plumbers, staff, and management have been with us for 20 years or more. Our staff is dedicated to top-notch customer support and focused on getting jobs done right in a timely manner.
Corporate Team
David Cross
President, CEO & RMP
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Date Hired: 5/1/1999

Keith Ellebracht
Chief Financial Officer
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Date Hired: 11/09/2011
Kent Wahl
Chief Operating Officer
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Date Hired: 05/01/2003

Jim Reed
Chief Information Officer
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Date Hired: 08/01/1996

Kenn Scott
Chief Marketing Officer
Manny Burciaga
Staff Accountant
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Date Hired: 03/29/2010