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Tulsa, OK 74128

24 Hour Hotline: 918.641.5551

» No charge for coming out.
» No extra charge for nights, weekends and holidays
» AAA AUGER Plumbing Services

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» Flexible scheduling and fast service response, usually within an hour when requested
» Charges presented before we start
» We charge by the job, not by the hour
» No hidden service fees

Tulsa OK Plumbers

No Charge for Coming Out, Call 918.641.5551

We dispatch our Tulsa plumbers free of charge so that we can see the problem. Once we determine the best approach, or explore different repair options, we will present precise upfront charges for our service. Upon authorization, we can usually start immediately or upon your request. Again, there is no charge for sending our plumber nor is there any obligation to authorize our services.

AAA AUGER is licensed, insured and our work is guaranteed!
Full Service Plumbing Repair & Drain Services at reasonable rates!

24 Responses to “ Tulsa OK Plumbers ”

  1. Shawn F. says:

    I have used AAA Auger Plumbing in Tulsa before. I looked up your telephone number online and called to learn that AAA Auger in Tulsa became part of Custom Services the heating and air company. I just wanted to say that I had a great plumbing experience and was good to know most of the same staff with AAA Auger is now with Custom as well. I actually use Custom also, so was a great match for service. Kudos to you guys and job well done. I needed our main drain cleared at our home and Justin did a great job!

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  2. David Cross says:

    Ms. Beck,

    As you have learned, Custom Services has taken over for AAA AUGER in the Tulsa market. Although our approaches may be different, Custom Services has proven to provide top notch service with the utmost attention to integrity.

    Regardless, we appreciate you giving us a chance.

    David Cross

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  3. kamie beck says:

    I just called to get an estimate on a repair but needed an appointment after 5pm. Info I found online says ‘No charge for coming out and No extra charge for nights, weekends and holidays’… According to Tina there is a $55 charge to come out for an estimate and that if I needed them after 5p I would have to pay an extra $85 on top of the fee for the repair because they were bought out by Custom Services… at that point I hung up the phone! Do yourself a favor… CALL SOMEONE ELSE!! Tulsa, OK

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  4. David Cross says:


    As you now know, Custom Services has taken over for AAA AUGER in Tulsa. I understand that you have spoken to Alan and that you were very helpful giving him information to assist him in his investigation for the phone occurrence.

    I genuinely appreciate your giving us an opportunity and I am sorry that the transition to Custom Services may have caused any confusion.


    David Cross
    CEO – AAA AUGER Plumbing Services

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  5. Ang says:

    Needed a plumber and decided to try your company. Signed up for the emails and got the $10 off coupon as a thank you. So far so good. Read the reviews, some good, some not. Well, every company has that… Alright, gonna give it a try. Call the number, get the recording, get put on hold to wait. The phone is picked up by a live person (because I can hear others talking in the background) and then it is promptly hung up! Huh? Wrong number maybe. I’ll try again. Called once more, recording again, hold again and once more hung up on! Wait a good hour or so, call a third time and the same thing happened again! Its not a phone error. Its not the computer answering and putting me on hold then accidentally disconnecting. No. Its an actual person doing it. Bad form! I really wanted to try you guys out but looks like I have to go with another company who will actually answer their phones.

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  7. Amelia Gonzalez says:

    I live in Tulsa Ok in a Habitat for Humanity home. when these homes are built they cut a square out of the sheetrock on the opposite side of the wall to the outside faucet and replace the sheetrock square with small screws for easy access. I had forgotten this. I had a problem with the outside faucet leaking. a plumber was sent out to give me an estimate. obviously he does not like to work very much. he came out at about 5pm told me it would cost $300 to repair the faucet. I asked why it would cost so much and he told me that with these older homes (was built in 1998)you have to crawl under the house. I told him you cannot crawl under this house, it is a slam of cement, he asked what was on the other side I told him the bathroom, he said he would have to cut through the sheetrock and I would have to replace it, he was really trying to discourage me, I told him to forget it. I called another plumber and he actually went into the house and saw the sheet rock square I had forgotten about and repaired the faucet through the sheetrock square. I understand repairmen have to get paid for their labor but I don’t think it is fair to give me a flat rate quote out of a book without even looking at the problem correctly. you don’t have to worry I will not call you again.

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  8. Denise Kirkes says:

    Tulsa, OK, We called AAA Auger on a Sunday with some plumbing issues. Scott & Phil were able to fix our issues in a timely manner and gave us estimates on what else we needed in order to resolve future issues. They were very professional and kept us informed on the process as they worked on our sewer lines. We would highly recommend your company to our neighbors and friends.

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  9. alyce wood says:

    Our plumber Mike was a pro. Having been in the trade in the past it was clear he knew what he was doing. Up front bid, no extras, quick start up, and all round nice guy. Helper was also very profesional. My name is Corey brother of owner of house worked on. Sapulpa Ok.

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  10. David Cross says:

    THank you for your business and the nice response!

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  11. Lindsay says:

    AAA Auger came out very quickly and fixed my bad pipe promptly. My plumber Chris was extremely nice and personable! He found the problem, explained the problem is such a way I could understand, and went to work and fixed it. I had a great experience with this company and will use them in the future.

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  12. AAADC says:


    Thank you for your business, Thanks also for taking the time to post such kind words. We are very lucky to have Scott on our team. He was raised well and possesses our core values.

    I am sorry; however, that he may have alarmed your pet snake. We will try to be more respectful in the future.



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  13. Sally says:

    I was very pleased with the service Scott provided. Even though he encountered a snake under my house while replacing the hose bib, he persevered and got the job done. I will be calling AAA Auger for any future plumbing work I require. Thank you!
    Tulsa, OK

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  14. AAADC says:

    Thank you so very much for the nice response. I have forwarded to Jason and Tony both. Please, if we ever fail to rise to that same level, please give us the opportunity to address it. Thanks again and thanks for your business!

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  15. Billie Kitch says:

    We called AAA-Auger on Sunday July 1, 2012 to have a plumber come out to our home to check for a water leak. Tony #66 came out and found our leak and it was a pretty good leak he was able to fix the leak in a timely matter, he was very knowledgeable and personable, we had a great experience with Tony and AAA-Auger. We would highly recommend them to anyone and if we need a plumber again we will give them a call for sure. Thank you from Collinsville, OK

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  16. I recently used Tulsa Ok plumbers and I must say that they delivered splendid service, will definitely use in future and recommend to anybody in need of a plumber!

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  17. Bob Salamandra says:

    Tulsa, OK. Had a problem with our toilet but then the toilet shut-off valve was leaking so had to turn all water off in house on a Saturday. Called AAA Auger, sent a technician within the hour. I believe his name was Matt and he did excellent work. Totally up-front with the work & charges required; made sure everything was clear and agreed before starting the work. Within a couple hours the toilet was fixed and water back on in our house. Very professional and great job by Matt and the hotline! This is the kind of service that has been missing in our country so thanks for being focused on the customer!

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  19. Greg R says:

    Its always great to know what is being charged upfront, thats why we are really happy with AAA Augers. Value for money service Tulsa OK

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  20. Greg R says:

    I can say from experience that its important to have charges upfront with a plumber, and thats why AAA Augers is great value and Im really happy with them

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  21. Bill Stevens says:

    I am in Tulsa. Mike has been working at lur home, installing a new toilet. I want to say that I have observed many plumbers and Mike is undoudtedly the most thorough and conscientous I have ever seen. He took pride in his work, was very thorough, and kept us informed every step of the way. We will be asking for him next time.

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  22. Richard Dale says:

    My experience with AAA Auger was a great one. Bill, one of AAA Auger’s plumbers, was able to find solutions to two problems that another companies plumbers failed to see. He was the most knowledgable, friendly, hardworking plumber I have ever met. The job was done professionaly, quickly, and at a great value.

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  23. AAADC says:

    Mr. Nelson,

    Thank you for your business! Furthermore, we appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. We are only as good as our worst plumber on his worse day, so if you ever receive lesser service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We truly value your business!


    David Cross

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  24. Ian Nelson says:

    I experienced a blocked sewer line and contacted AAA-Auger for assistance. From my first interaction with Brandi, the very pleasant and affable customer service person, to meeting Bill, who who did the actual work, I was absolutely impressed. Bill is simply remarkable. He is quite personable and he knows his craft. He is also very aware of developments in the plumbing industry and did not hesitate to share information which in the future could prevent the situation I encountered. It was a joy to be served by him. I hope I do not ever have a major plumbing situation again, but if I do, I know that I will be calling AAA-Auger and I will specifically request to have Bill. These folks have renewed my faith in the American work ethic. Thank you, Brandi and Bill.

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