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San Antonio TX Plumbers

No Charge for Coming Out, Call 210.341.6124

We dispatch our San Antonio plumbers free of charge so that we can see the problem. Once we determine the best approach, or explore different repair options, we will present precise upfront charges for our service. Upon authorization, we can usually start immediately or upon your request. Again, there is no charge for sending our plumber nor is there any obligation to authorize our services.

AAA AUGER is licensed, insured and our work is guaranteed!
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39 Responses to “ San Antonio TX Plumbers ”

  1. I wanted to take a moment and put in a good word for your plumber Trent in San Antonio. Trent is very professional and careful. He really took the time to do the job and even though he needed to come out a second time he demonstrated great customer service to follow up the repair. Trent is definitely someone I’d request again for my next repair. Thank you Trent!

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  2. Patsy Noll says:

    Thanks to the efficient staff at AAA, my kitchen drain problem was fixed the day I called. Lupe on the desk was caring and understanding about my problem and my time. Des, your plumber, was courteous, timely, knowledgeable, and right on the solution. Thanks, Doug, you have great people! Patsy in San Antonio

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  3. Sophia Davos says:

    I scheduled appointment for today (11-25-14) and specifically asked that the plumber call my cell phone prior to coming out. Appt was scheduled between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. They of course called my home phone around noon. When I got home about 4:15 pm I called and they said they would have someone out. STILL WAITING!!!

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  4. Clydette Henry says:

    I want to thank Jaime and Nick for coming out to repair my plumbing. They worked into the night and came back the next day to complete the job. Everything he said was wrong was indeed the problem. Very trust-worthy! If I ever need a plumber again, AAA Auger is the one I’ll call. (San Antonio, TX)

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  5. I want to thank the guys here in San Antonio for coming out and fixing my leak. Another service had told me I had a major leak and was going to have to start digging up my yard. It turned out that it was only a running toilet!

    Thank you and thanks for Ksat12 for including you in their local experts section of their website!

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  6. Larry Glass, pastor, Zion Star Baptist Church says:

    I would like to thank David Parramore, Ben Rodriguez and Jesse Cruz for their outstanding service. Our Vacation Bible School will be in session next week and we only had a few days to get 7 toilets installed in time for VBS. David, Ben, and Jesse were very encouraging and confident that they could get the Job done on time. I am very pleased to say that not only did they complete the Job 3 days ahead of time, but it was done in a very professional fashion. The congregation is pleased with the work and looking forward to Vacation Bible School. Thanks again David, Ben and Jesse! Pastor Glass, San Antonio Texas.

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  7. Warren Voss says:

    I am writing to let you know one of your sub-contractors which consistently referenced you is a total and complete fraud. He didn’t show up when he said he would and never finished the work that he promised he would. I then cancelled the contract and told him I wanted my money back due to breech of contract for non performance and he didn’t have the money to pay back. He came over and promised to get a certain amount of work done as well as pay me back $450-500. Again, this never happened. After numerous calls to him and no shows for appointments I have filed a complaint with the BBB and will never recommend him to anyone. I would also be hesitant on using your company if this is the type of contractors you hire. He makes sure to always wear his AAA Auger cap. The contractor is Perfect Drywall Repair, Roel Olivarez 210-386-6970, San Antonio, Tx

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  8. Maria Nuncio says:

    Dear Sir (Frank C.),
    This is a letter of commendation. On June 25, Bart and his assistant came to our house to redo the bathtub faucets. It took about 5 hours to complete the work. I wish to complement Bart on his exceptional work performance and ethics. He worked diligently and professionally.
    Employees such as he are an asset to your team.
    Maria Nuncio
    San Antonio, Texas

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  9. jillian says:

    NEVER USE ANY OTHER COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I called AAA Auger and had in fact called another company, their customer service team came out and fixed ANOTHER company’s mistake and within my budget!!!! They left an estimate as to further work to be done and I will be using them for my every plumbing need!!!! These guys are awesome, make the right choice and CALL THEM FIRST!!! They are friendly, dependable, on time and AFFORDABLE!!!
    San Antonio,Tx

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  10. Alyssa says:

    Forgot to include my location: San Antonio, TX

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  11. Alyssa says:

    Great experience! Showed up within an hour of my calling and requesting service on a Saturday. The plumber was very nice and respectful and fixed my problem quickly. He also gave me advice on how to improve my toilet’s efficiency. Thank you.

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  12. These people are professionals. I’m very satisfied by their service.

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  13. AAADC says:

    Mr. Nemerow, we are very alarmed to have learned of yet another example of how someone whom we refer has failed to demonstrate our core values. Rest assured, we are attentively looking into this and will do whatever we can to see that Mr. Olivarez rights and wrongs.


    David Cross

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  14. Steven Nemerow says:

    Noticed a message about Roel Olivarez…. I contracted with him for a lot of things and he never finished and disappeared. He’s a crook! Do not give him any money! This is in San Antonio, TX

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  15. AAADC says:

    Ms. Martin,

    Thank you for your business! It is always nice when someone takes the time to let us know when we do well. I hope if you ever receive anything less than that level of service, you will also take the time to let us know. We will pat Tim and Harold on the back.


    David Cross

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  16. Deborah Martin says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, quality of service, cost and the time in which you resolved my situation. You will be the first ones I call and will always refer you to others. Tim and Harold were awesome, they are definitely an asset to this company. Thank you again. La Vernia, Tx

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  17. AAADC says:

    We are looking into this. Mr. Olivarez has a history of providing great service at reasonable rates and seemed to possess our core values. However, to learn of your bad experience has caused us to suspend further referrals. We appreciate you making us aware of your trouble.

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  18. Z Valenzuela says:

    Roel Olivarez was referred to me by a relative so I hired him to do repairs inside my home. The work started in February and although I paid Roel the majority of the money on spring break even though he indicated he would only need half to start and the other half when completed. He never completed the job. He does not have his company in Bexar County Records. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN BECAUSE HE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT DO THE WORK!!

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  19. Rebecca Waldman says:

    On Sunday, May 27, we discovered a water leak behind one of our toilets. Called AAA Auger since we had such good luck with them in October. Again, we were not disappointed. Julian was the service tech and was incredibly professional and thorough. He ended up fixing the toilet leak as well as installing a new faucet and line to our dishwasher. The amount he charged for the job was extremely reasonable for the amount of time he spent and two visits to our house. No extra weekend charges or extra charge to just show up. I am so glad to have found a responsive plumbing company with honest, capable employees like Julian. I highly recommend AAA Auger!

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  20. AAADC says:

    Ms. Menchacha, thank you for making us aware of your troubles with our referral. We take caution and try to assure that anyone whom we refer practices business within our core values. I have directed that we look further into this and demand better representation. Again, I apologize for the poor service.

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  21. I recently had work done on my house in San Antonio TX to replace two new toilets, 2 -shower heads ,faucets, and sinks for 2 bathrooms. The gentleman who did the repair on the surrounding sheet rock and paint job did a fair job. His workers did not clean up after themselves. Plastic bottles and food wrappings were left in my home. Texture- plaster was splattered on the new toilets during the repair of the shower walls and was not cleaned. The sub-contractor in charge, Roel Olivarez, told me the material would not ‘stick’ to my toilets and could easily clean the toilets myself. His crew threw out water used to clean their equipment in my flower bed, leaving blue paint on my plants. I let Mr Olivarez know he did not reinstall a door stop that was removed for painting in one bathroom. He said he would complete the job himself and never returned to do the job. This is a person who takes pride in stating he has worked with AAA Auger for 7 years. I would not reccommend he do another 7 years if he does not follow up on simple clean-up issues.

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  22. I recently had work done on my home by #70 Julian Campos in San Antonio TX. My 90-day warranty had expired on previous work done by J.Martinez. My toilet was not installed correctly by Mr. Martinez. Julian identified the problem, corrected it, and I am completely satisfied with his work. I am glad I gave this company a second chance to fix the problem. I give special thanks to Mr. Campos. He was professional and got the job done right!

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  23. Craig says:

    AAA has the 3 P’S…professional, proficient, polite..

    Craig San Antonio, Texas

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  24. Craig says:

    AAA has the 3 P’S…professional, proficient, polite..


    San Antonio, Texas

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  25. assist says:

    You’re very welcome. We are so pleased you are happy with our service!

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  26. […] San Antonio Plumbers & Plumbing Service, Texas […]

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  27. Elisa Estrada says:

    San Antonio, Thank you AAA Auger! You helped my family without taking advantage of them. They cannot stop talking about how wonderful the service was and the workmanship was AWESOME!!!

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  28. Tom Flood says:

    Ryan just showed up on New Year’s Day 2012 and fixed our plumbing problem – made it look easy. Thank you, AAA-Auger Plumbing! Excellent service and AAA-Auger will enjoy word-of-mouth praise from us. Smithson Valley, Texas

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  29. Mark Womack says:

    Trent is the perfect AAA employee. Knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. From the time I discovered a leaking and ‘obviously done’ old water heater in the garage, to the time Trent drove away…and I had a new one installed, 4 and 1/2 hours. THAT’S SERVICE. San Antonio, AAA Auger, give that man a raise! Jayson was a great guy as well. I’ve recommended you before, and I will again and again. THANKS!

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  30. Rebecca Waldman says:

    Got great service from AAA Auger last Sat. Had a backed up drain to the kitchen sink and washer. Phoned AAA Auger due to other positive comments & the coupon in the phone directory. A human answered the phone & quickly had me scheduled for an appointment for mid-afternoon that same day. Harold (72) & Joseph (43) came to fix the problem and were very professional, competent, helpful, and went the extra mile for us. We were very pleased with their service and the whole experience with AAA Auger, San Antonio. Thanks!

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  31. Julie Finlay says:

    AAA Auger continues to come through for our family. From big jobs to small — Simply. The. Best. Our latest call resulted in no-charge since it was a simple fix and we’re loyal customers. Will we ever use another plumber in San Antonio? Don’t think so.

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  32. Silvia says:

    SA, TX. I have home warranty with Wil-Fix-It and they always give me an otrageous estimate without being thorough. I have called AAA Auger 2 times and both times i was Extrememly satisfied, while Wil-Fix-It was charging me $7000. to replace my entire sewer line, AAA Auger charged me a little over $3,000. with a warranty, and once again, I knew there was hair in my drain and Wil-Fix -It said i had a busted pipe without even seeing the pipe, would cost me $3,000., I called AAA Auger and in 1 hour he was able to use his machined, 15ft down he pulled out the heap of hair, I knew was there..only cost me $127.00, Tub is good as new!, I am so Happy with this company, they are honest, thorough and get the job done, I will Reccomend to all my friends and family, Thanks

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  33. Carl Reicherzer says:

    Had a stopped up bathtub and couldn’t unstop it with a plunger. Called AAA Auger 5/19/2011. The plumber showed up in 30 minutes, went through the vent pipe on the roof and unstopped the drain line in a jiffy. We have had AAA Auger out before and always been happy with the work done. The cost was reasonable and the employee was very friendly. I sent a similar report to the Better Business Bureau web site. Hopefully, they will let the company know we are happy, repeat customers.
    Carl Reicherzer
    San Antonio, TX 78223

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  34. tim cliver says:

    AAA Auger and team led by Kent are the best hands down…. Count on it! sa,tx

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  35. Toni Gallardo says:

    San Antonio
    Just a line, to tell you that your employees and your company are the greatest. I’ve lived in my home for 40 years, and have had numerous plumbing jobs, but my last 4 have been with your company. The people that have come by are respectful, courteous and knowledgeable about their profession.
    Thank you for your services
    Antonia (Toni) Gallardo
    San Antonio 78210

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  36. gail bates says:

    I live in San Antonio. Our water heater stopped working so my spouse called Lowe’s and Home Depot. Lowe’s came out and charged $35 to evaluate the problem then gave us an estimate of >$1100 to install a new water heater. Home Depot gave an estimate over the phone of ~$900. I heard about AAA Auger while listening to AM 1200 as I was driving home from a long day at work. I called at 6PM on a Friday and Kelly showed up at 6:50PM. He introduced himself at the door and was very polite. He inspected my water heater and asked whether I’d checked the breaker switch outside (of course I had!). Then he asked whether I’d checked the breaker on the water heater (?). My spouse noted that Lowe’s had not even checked this; we did not know there was a breaker switch under the panel on the water heater, itself. Kelly unscrewed the panel and found the turned off breaker, flipped the switch, and saved us $900-$1100. He would not accept any money, though I tried to at least give him a tip! I was so happy I nearly cried. Thank you SO MUCH, AAA Auger! I wish I’d known about your company when I moved to S.A. 5 yrs ago!

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  37. Dale Spidall says:

    My wife & I are senior citizens. We have had numerous bad experiences with other plumbers. AAA has given us outstanding services everytime! Last time I had replaced a valve in our kitchen faucet which loosened the faucet underneath. I was unable to reach the problem. My wife called you folks and had it fixed in nothing flat! It was so simple for him that they didn’t charge for the service. We can’t thank you enough!!
    Happy customers from San Antonio

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  38. AAADC says:

    Mr. Kilhefner,

    Thanks for your business! Hopefully there will be no future problems; however, should this happen again within the next year, it might be indicative of mechanical defect. Whatever the case, do not hesitate to call us!



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  39. Bruce Kilhefner says:

    Yesterday, July 5, 2010, I woke up with no hot water. I called AAA-Auger San Antonio who had installed a new water heater in my home just 3 months ago. Somehow, the pilot light had gone out. Your technician Ray, who had installed the new water heater, responded immediately, relit the pilot light and gave me the hot water I need. Thanks

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