Free Toilet – SAWS Kick the Can Program

This program is offered to SAWS residential water customers. Replace your old toilet with a new water-efficient toilet. You can receive up to two water-efficient toilets per household from SAWS.

Toilet Cost: FREE
Details: SAWS will mail qualified participants a Residential Toilet Distribution Voucher for free toilets. Qualified participants are those who have not received a rebate or toilet from SAWS in the past. All vouchers will have an expiration date indicating when the toilets must be picked up. All toilets must be picked up before the expiration date (30 days). Toilets are a white, round front and come with a standard toilet seat, wax ring, and a set of bolts to anchor the toilet. If a handicapped toilet is required, indicate this on the application.
Download the Application
Mail completed application to:
SAWS Kick the Can Program
P. O. Box 2449
San Antonio, TX 78298-2449

For your free toilet installation email: or call 210 341.6124.

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