Sewer Problems

From sewer line cleaning to repair or replacement, AAA AUGER can handle the job. Most sewer problems can be properly remedied by use of a sewer auger from which a cable is fed into the sewer line or building drain to resolve the obstruction.

AAA AUGER uses cutter blades on the end of our sewer cables to ensure the entire bore of the line is scraped. This practice clears years of build up from the pipe assuring peak drainage potential. No matter the cause of the blockage, should the pipe allow such access, the remaining portion of the pipe is cleaned to provide maximum value.

Augering a sewer system is the most sensible and economical manner to address drainage issues. However, from time to time, problems may exist that require additional services.

AAA AUGER specializes in the following services:

Whatever the problem, AAA AUGER can provide the solution!

Common Problems

Sewer lines are made from many different materials. The most common materials and the problems often associated with each are catalogued below.

Clay Tile Pipe

Cast Iron Pipe

Bituminized Fiber Pipe (Orangeburg)

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe DWV (PVC)

Roots are the most common cause of sewer line stoppages. Root problems are most commonly solved with an auger machine fitted with a u-shaped cutter blade the same diameter of the pipe. The correct blade, when used properly, will cut the roots out of the sewer line restoring drainage. Depending upon the composition of your sewer line, roots could indicate a more serious problem.

Roots typically begin as sprouts. As they grow stronger they tend to catch solids like a filter. This may occur for some time before the problems are known. Eventually, solids can accumulate and cause stoppages. Worse yet, roots can damage the line.

AAA AUGER discourages detergents, acids or root deterrents in plumbing systems. Many of these additives contain hazardous chemicals that could ultimately end up in our fresh water sources. Furthermore, many of these chemicals are caustic to pipe and may hasten its deterioration.

Sewer Clean Outs

Sewer problems occur for a variety of reasons. Sewer blockages are often attributed to roots in the line or defects within the line itself. When confronted with such problems, the most economical and common method to restore drainage is by using a sewer auger. Sewer augers use a cable that is fed into the sewer line.

When clean-outs are installed, the sewer line can be augered in both directions to restore optimal drainage.

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